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Terre Hill Stormwater Systems (THSS) provides the following express, written, limited warranty (The Warranty) in lieu of any other warranty, whether oral, written, express or implied. All other warranties, remedies, guarantees or claims are specifically and expressly excluded.

The Warranty is contingent upon verification of installation and use strictly for the application specified; designed and engineered by a qualified engineer, licensed to perform civil engineering in the location of the installed product. All conditions for product usage as specified by THSS must be satisfied in order for any of the terms of the Warranty to be valid, in full or in part.

The Warranty guarantees that any product of the THSS Treatment System shall meet or exceed stated performance criteria for stormwater management and treatment.

The Warranty is expressly limited to repair or replacement of any component of the THSS Treatment System. THSS shall not be liable for any consequential damages or loss; its sole liability and obligation shall be limited to the repair or replacement of any THSS product.

The Warranty is limited to those claims filed in writing with THSS on or before four (4) years from the date of substantial completion of installation.


Published: May 30, 2007


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