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Inspection, Maintenance, Documentation, Disposal

Terre Maintenance™ is an inspection, maintenance, documentation and pollutant disposal service designed to:

  • Monitor system performance.

  • Perform and document system inspections, repairs and maintenance.

  • Document type and amount of captured pollutants.

  • Document proper disposal of pollutants.

  • Submit necessary reports to all governmental agencies having jurisdiction.

  • Assist NPDES Phase II compliance for private owners and MS4s.

  • Assist in obtaining Nutrient and Sediment Reduction Credits.

NPDES Phase II Permits mandate water quality improvement of receiving waters through the establishment of Total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDLs) for receiving bodies of water. A proactive, preventive monitoring, inspection, maintenance, repair, and renovation program, complete with documentation of pollutant capture and disposal, is recommended for NPDES Phase II compliance. Additionally, valuable nutrient and sediment removal credits may be obtained.

The Terre Maintenance™ Advantage:

  • Regular, periodic inspection by skilled professionals

  • Documentation of repairs, renovations and upgrades

  • Documentation of captured pollutants

  • Documentation of proper disposal of pollutants

  • Documentation for Nutrient and Sediment Reduction Credits


[ Click here to watch an actual Terre Maintenance procedure ]

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File Size: Approx 6MB

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