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Maintenance Procedures for Terre Kleen

Updated February 2017

To access our latest recommended maintence procedures,
please click on the PDF link below:

Published February 2017



  • Terre Hill Stormwater Systems offers the following procedures as an outline of typical maintenance procedures for its Terre Kleen system. These procedures serve as an outline only, and are not intended to serve as final instructions.  For complete maintenance procedures and instructions, please contact your THSS representative.

  • For your ultimate convenience, Terre Hill Stormwater Systems also offers Terre Maintenance, a full line of contracted maintenance, removal, disposal and documentation services.  Contact your representative for more details.


General Information

Inspection and maintenance must be performed on a regular basis. All captured pollutants must be removed from the Terre Kleen™.  During the first year after installation, inspections should be performed every three (3) months to determine the type and amount of pollutants in the Terre Kleen™.  Site and weather conditions will influence the rate of pollutant capture.  A schedule of regular maintenance can then be established based upon the quarterly inspections.



A carefully lowered stadia rod or similar instrument may be used to determine the amount of captured sediment.  The sludge dispersion manifold can assist in the removal of sediment.  Manifold pipes mounted to the floor of the grit chamber connect to a hose that leads to the grade level manhole.  The hose is pressurized by the vacuum truck’s spray nozzle.  The pressurized manifold sprays water through small horizontal holes in the manifold pipes, which liquefies and disperses the sludge blanket for removal by the suction nozzle.


Pollutant Removal

Access to both the primary and grit chambers is provided by manhole openings. The gross pollutants, such as litter and the oil absorption booms, or the Terre Microbes™ should be removed first. A vacuum truck or similar equipment is then utilized to remove the water and the sediment. Disposal of all of the removed pollutants should be properly documented in accordance with all applicable regulations.  Removal may be done anytime after a rain event.



Proper documentation should include:

  • Dates and results of each inspection
  • Proposed and installed repairs, renovations, improvements
  • Type and amount of captured pollutants
  • Procedure for disposal of pollutants
  • Preparation and submittal of reports
  • Documentation of nutrient and sediment reduction credits


Important Notes

  • Keep sparks and flames away from the Terre Kleen™ Unit at all times, as it may contain flammable material.
  • The Terre Kleen™ Unit is designed for inspection and cleaning from grade.  If “confined entry” is necessary, OSHA regulations stipulate that only trained and certified personnel using approved equipment and procedures may enter the structure.
  • Manhole covers and inlet grates must be replaced securely to their frames after inspection or maintenance.


Learn more about Terre Maintenance™ Professional Services


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