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Terre Box™, with its HS-25 load-bearing rating, is ideally suited for installations where structural integrity and product durability are imperative. Its precast concrete design ensures that Terre Box™ will continue to function long after the designed useful life of a project is surpassed. Precast concrete has a long history of proven reliability and performance, and Terre Box’s™ superior design and construction mean that the structure will not warp or weaken over time, making it compatible with any future expansion or upgrades.

Terre BoxFor centuries, builders have relied on concrete’s incredible strength and versatility for a seemingly countless number of applications.  Today, precast concrete is the most widely-used construction material in the world, still regarded for its strength and durability. By contrast, the inherent structural weakness and limitations of plastic products make them an unwise choice when human safety and professional reputations are at stake. Terre Box™ provides every installation with the time-tested strength and durability that can only be found in precast concrete structures.

Terre Box™ retains its original shape and alignment long after its exceptionally long useful life of 70 to 100 years has passed.  A plastic product’s shape and alignment may be compromised as early as the installation process.  Plastic products simply do not have enough structural strength and durability on their own, and failure to comply fully with the complicated installation specifications may result in a catastrophic failure of the entire project.  Whereas plastic product installation is labor intensive, tedious and often difficult to perform correctly in the field, Terre Box’s™ installation is straightforward and requires no special expertise or hands-on procedures at the job site.

Because it is made of precast concrete – which is composed of local, natural, benign materials – Terre Box™ is environmentally superior to plastic products.  The manufacture of precast concrete consumes less energy than the fabrication of Petroleum-based plastic and is not dependent on an ever-diminishing foreign oil supply.  Such environmental advantages are desirable objectives for today; tomorrow they may become law.

When strength, durability and quality are imperative,
your only choice is Terre Box™



Project Gallery: A Terre Box™ Installation

Pennsylvania Turnpike
Peter J. Camiel Service Plaza
Chester County, PA

Installed May 31, 2005


PDF Project profiled in Government Engineering Magazine


The site is ready for product installation. Terre Box (1)
The components are set in place. Terre Box (2)
The final piece is set. Terre Box (3)

The site is easily back-filled.

Terre Box (4)

The finished project is HS-25 rated, suitable for truck traffic and parking.

Thanks to Terre Box's™ simple installation procedure, the project was completed five weeks ahead of schedule.

Terre Box (5)



PDF Project profiled in Government Engineering Magazine


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