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  Terre Box  Underground Stormwater Management

Featuring Terre Hill's Patent-Pending Watertight Joint Seal System

Terre Box InstallationTerre Box™ is an enclosed, precast concrete box system for the detention or retention of stormwater. Designed for underground installation, Terre Box™™ is HS-25 rated, allowing direct access for installation equipment and dramatically reducing installation time by minimizing material handling and backfilling requirements.

With its precast concrete design, Terre Box™ is superior to metal or plastic pipes or structures. Metal corrodes, and plastic lacks the compressive strength and "E value" of concrete. Terre Box™ also provides complete protection against subsidence. Because it has earned a load-bearing rating of HS-25, Terre Box™ can be installed below parking lots or traveled cart-ways. 

When recharge is not desired, Terre Box™ is the preferred choice for below-grade stormwater detention. Post-tensioning provides excellent protection against leaks.

The Terre Box™ Advantage:

  • Underground stormwater detention or retention/recharge

  • Site-specific, precast concrete, modular design

  • HS-25 rated, a benefit both during and after installation

  • Time-saving installation

  • No maintenance


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