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 Terre Arch™ Underground Stormwater Management

Terre Arch™ is a modular, multi-chambered, precast concrete stormwater storage system that is engineered especially for underground installation. Using the ancient design principles or the Roman Arch, Terre Arch™ provides a sophisticated yet simple solution for stormwater detention and retention-recharge.

Terre Arch's™ patent-pending, fiber-reinforced design is lightweight, yet incredibly strong. With a load-bearing rating of HS-25, each section can support heavy gross weight trucks and machinery with virtually no cover required, allowing excavating equipment direct access to the site during installation, dramatically reducing installation time and eliminating the need for large cranes or other special equipment. Each four-chambered unit installs quickly, adding more than 300 cubic feet of storage space in a matter of minutes.

Terre Arch's™ exclusive, arched, precast concrete construction is superior to metal pipes, which corrode, and plastic pipes and structures, which lack the compressive strength and E-value of precast concrete. Concrete's negligible creep and relaxation values provides the ultimate protection against subsidence.

Terre Arch™ is the superior choice for underground stormwater management: 

  • Installation time and costs are dramatically reduced as the product requires less handling, compaction and backfilling

  • Staging issues are eliminated, since heavy equipment can be driven directly on top of the Terre Arch™ during installation. 

  • No subsidence 

  • No corrosion

  • Smaller excavation, maximum storage within Terre Arch™

  • No maintenance

  • Can be installed in high water table site conditions.

The Terre Arch™ Advantage:

  • Patent-pending, multi-chambered "Roman Arch" design is modular to fit any size project.

  • Provides greater underground retention-recharge within a smaller area.

  • HS-25 load bearing rating means the product can withstand the weight of heavy construction equipment, both during and after installation. 

  • Quick and easy installation minimizes product handling, backfilling and installation costs.

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