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THSS's "Value engineered design change saves time and money"

"Service Plaza Stormwater Project." Government Engineering. May/June 2007. pp 40-41.



Installation of Terre Kleen™ and Terre Box™ units
along PA Turnpike profiled in Stormwater Magazine

Beecham, Tara. 2006. "Project Profile: An Underground Solution In Wallace Township, PA." Stormwater. November/December 2006.


Terre Kleen's Technology Presented at International Forum

PDF [View the Poster]                      PDF [Read the Paper]

Clark, S.E., Elligson, J.C., Hafera, J.M., Franklin, K.A., Mikula, J.B., Roenning, C.D., and Siu, C. 2006. "Inclined Plate Settlers To Treat Stormwater Solids." Presented at the 79th Annual Water Environment Federation Technical Exhibition and Conference. October 2006. www.weftec.org.


Terre Hill Concrete Products: "Growth Through Product Innovation"

Ray, Mary Louise. 2006. "Formula For Growth." http://www.catalystconnection.org/news/PaManufacturing/PAM_formula.aspx


“Terre Hill Concrete Products… developed a new solution for separating
sediment from stormwater or runoff with fine particulates."

"Cooperative Effort Leads to New BMP for Separating Sediment from Stormwater." PA Environment Digest. 16 June 2006.


Terre Hill Storm Water Systems presents
Hjulström Diagram as an Indicator of Relativity in Performance of a Stacked, Inclined-Plate, Hydrodynamic Separator Stormwater Quality Treatment Device at Various Particle Size Distribution, Density and Surface Loading

DeBruijn, Hans and LaManna, Gene. 2006. Presented at the Innovations in Reducing Nonpoint Source Pollution Conference. November 2006. www.riversinstitute.org.


Government Publications and Certifications

  • Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (DNREC).

  • Stormwater BMP Certification List. www.dnrec.delaware.gov.

  • New Jersey Corporation for Advanced Technology (NJCAT). Stormwater BMP Certification List. www.njcat.org

  • Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection. 2006. Stormwater Best Management Practices (BMP) Manual. (363-0300-002). Chapter Six. (Available Online).

  • Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection. Stormwater Technology Clearinghouse.

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