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Last Updated May 31, 2007


Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission specifies Terre Kleen for stormwater treatment at five maintenance facilities and the Allentown Lehigh Valley Service Plaza upgrade.

Terre KleenTerre Hill Stormwater Systems continues to enjoy a favorable relationship with the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission. The performance of the Terre Kleen TK18 Unit installed at the Peter J. Camiel Service Plaza, together with its low cost maintenance schedule, continues to motivate the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission to specify installation of the Terre Kleen system for its construction projects that require NPDES compliance.

Since 2004, Terre Hill Stormwater Systems has been installing stormwater quality treatment and underground storage and management for the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission. In addition, Terre Hill Stormwater Systems is under contract with the Commission to maintain the Terre Kleen installed at the Peter J. Camiel Service Plaza. Inspection of the facility has confirmed that clean-out of captured pollutants will be scheduled at 18 month intervals. This schedule will result in a low cost maintenance plan for the almost 3-acre site.


Hans deBruijn, Sales Engineer for T
erre Hill Stormwater Systems, appointed to the ASCE/EWRI Committee on Guidelines for Certification of Manufactured Stormwater Best Management Practices (BMPs) at the ASCE/EWRI Congress 2007 in Tampa, FL on May 15, 2007.

Members of the committee were identified as leaders in the field of stormwater treatment under NPDES Phase II regulations.  Hailing from diverse backgrounds and disciplines, committee members were selected from the fields of academia, consulting, regulating and manufacturing.

The committee will review existing certification programs which have been established to evaluate the performance claims of various manufacturers and vendors of Manufactured BMPs.

The committee will seek input from a variety of stakeholders in the the field of stormwater treatment, reviewing and evaluating laboratory testing methods, field testing monitoring requirements, performance criteria, design flows and volumes, scaling laws, maintenance procedures and schedules, and other relevant issues and concerns.


Terre Hill Stormwater Systems installs Terre Arch™ System at Sheetz Convenience Store in Latrobe, PA.

Terre Arch's™ patent-pending, multi-chambered, "Roman Arch" design is HS-25 rated, making it the most durable and cost-effective solution for underground stormwater retention and recharge.

Terre Arch InstallationContractor Stone Valley Construction, Inc. chose the Terre Arch to provide stormwater storage under an area used for vehicular traffic and parking. Each Terre Arch structure provides 152 sq ft of infiltration area and 308 cu ft of storage capacity. At this installation, each Terre Arch unit was set over a six-inch stone bed and took only five minutes per unit to install. The entire installation of 13 Terre Arches and two distribution boxes was completed in just over two hours.

After installation, the contractor was able to back-fill the structures immediately and was allowed direct access over top of the installed Terre Arches with their own installation equipment and without the need for any cover material. Stone Valley praised Terre Hill Stormwater Systems for the ease of installation of the Terre Arch.

Using the Terre Arch™ system , it is possible to obtain a minimum of 15,000 cu ft of storage and 7,500 sq ft of infiltration area in one day of installation. Under optimum conditions, these figures could approach 30,000 cu ft and 15,000 sq ft respectively.

The best and perhaps only way to compare costs of competing products is to measure the installed Cost-per-Square-Foot-of-Storage for each system.  With its precast concrete design, Terre Arch offers a simple installation procedure, in which each piece literally is set in a matter of minutes.  The tedious, complicated installation specifications of plastic storage products are a thing of the past when you purchase a Terre Arch system. Save time and money with the Terre Arch System, available exclusively from Terre Hill Stormwater Systems.

Terre Hill Stormwater Systems provides a four (4) year labor and material warranty for all of the products we manufacture. No other vendor offers you as long or as comprehensive a warranty as Terre Hill Stormwater Systems.  Peace of mind - just another reason to chose the superior products available from Terre Hill Stormwater Systems.


Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission awards Value Engineering Change Proposal to Terre Hill Concrete Products


Terre Kleen Stormwater Management and Treatment System receives Stormwater Best Management Practices Recognition Award from The Pennsylvania Environmental Council (PECPA) for Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission stormwater project at  the Peter J. Camiel Service Plaza.


Terre Hill Stormwater Systems's Terre Kleen™ and Terre Filter™ help F.B. Leopold Company, Inc. attain PA Department of Environmental Protection compliance at its Watsontown, PA facility.


Terre Hill Concrete Products participates with USEPA and NSF International in the Environmental Technology Verification Water Quality Protection Center Program under supervision of  Penn State University.


Terre Hill Concrete Products receives endorsement from the Delaware Department of Natural Resources & Environmental Control (DNREC) for Terre Kleen™ in Delaware.


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